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Blackpool Sequence Festival 2023

Stuart Hatton reports on the evening session of the third day of the Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival, Monday 23rd October 2023.

🎥Relive all the action from Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October on

Blackpool, the home of sparkle, sequins and well, er… sequence!

Nothing quite prepares you for that feeling of walking through those doors of The Empress Ballroom, and down the steps into the arena; whether you are a newbie or you have returned for many decades; that feeling of excitement, that fear of the unknown, the nerves, the trepidation and all the joy lead to this very moment. From the beginner dancer, to the former champion, to the coaches who train the competitors, this feeling is universal and THAT is the magic which makes The Blackpool Dance Festival.

Monday Night at The Ballroom saw the end of an era as this was the last time ‘social’ classical sequence would grace this floor as from the New Year, this category will be re-named ‘Pre-Champ’.

‘Pre Champ’, a new name to best describe the skill and artistry which illustrates the hard work, time, and dedication which all these dancers hone into their craft.

As spectators, we were graced with the pleasure of watching the Under 35 Social Classical Sequence, the Over 35 social Classical Sequence, and the All Ladies Social Classical Sequence. All the competitors sparkled and shone on that dancefloor. New partnerships were formed, familiar faces battled it out for their chance to lift the cup while all under the musical direction of Ashley Frohlick and The Empress Orchestra.

We were graced with a marvellous Amateur All Ladies ‘spotlight’ moment as our two Champions displayed the assessment dances with grace and elegance while showing correct technique with a masterclass in artistry.

At the end of the night, New Champions were crowned, couples were ranked, lessons were learnt and we were all upstanding for The National Anthem, “The King”. Congratulatory handshakes were given, hugs were squeezed and everyone was ready for home time, ready to press ‘reset’ for another day of magic tomorrow, in the World famous Blackpool Empress Ballroom.

British All Ladies Social Dancers Classical Sequence Competition

1st | 42 - Emma Schofield and Lucy Schofield - Burnley

2nd | 45 - Lou Attewell and Carolyn Newman - Nottingham

3rd | 47 - Tanya Nelson and Chloe Cook

4th | 46 - Jennifer Littleiohn and Caron Brown - Gateshead

5th | 44 - Eliza Lyne and Yasmin Barrie - Bicester

6th | 43 - Hilary Dennett and Laura Stidolph - South Shields

7th | 41 - Karen Overs and Margaret Winter - South Shields

British (Over 35's) Social Dancers Classical Sequence Competition

1st | 56 Andrew Parkinson and Dawn Parkinson -Giltbrook

2nd | 53 - Bradley Winter and Jennifer Board - Weston-super-Mare

3rd | 59 - Lou Attewell and Carolyn Newman - Nottingham

4th | 57 - lan Gurner and Ruth Davies - Gwent

5th | 54 - Duncan Barritt and Denise Barritt - Old Weston

6th | 60 - Jennifer Littlejohn and Caron Brown - Gateshead

7th | 51 - Christopher Haggett and Lisa Reddish - West Bridgford

British Social Dancers Classical Sequence Competition

1st | 82 - Emma Schofield and Lucy Schofield - Burnley

2nd | 84 - William Robinson and Katrina Barker - Scunthorpe

3rd | 83 - Bryn Fahy and Charlotte Burrows - Cotgrave

4th | 87 - Tanya Nelson and Chloe Cook

5th | 85 - Eliza Lyne and Yasmin Barrie - Bicester

6th | 81 - Connor Odell and Michele Brady - Nottingham

7th | 86 - Aaron Wood and Hannah Sowden - Barnsley

Full results will be available upon the conclusion of the festival at

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Visit the website for fantastic images of the whole festival!

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