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Next Event: 1st - 7th April 2024

Future Events: 21st - 27th April 2025

Champion of Champions Solo Titles:  1st - 2nd April 2024

The Blackpool Junior Dance Festival has been running since 1957 with young dancers from all over the World visiting Blackpool to compete.

The Festival, traditionally held in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, celebrated its 60th birthday in 2017 and incorporates the British Junior and Juvenile Open Championships.

In 2010, the Festival moved to the Winter Gardens, Empress Ballroom.

As tradition states, the Festival commences on Easter Monday finishing seven days later on the Sunday. There are two age groups of children – Juveniles (6 to under 12 years) and Juniors (12 to under 16 years).


There are three branches of dancing – Latin American, Ballroom and Sequence. Over the seven days, there are 38 competitions, four Team Matches and 10 Formation Competitions.


In 2019, there were over 30 countries represented at the Festival with over 400 couples,  7 Sequence Formation Teams and 104 Latin/Ballroom Formation Teams entered in the various events.


Junior Festival Dances 2024

66th Junior Dance Festival Syllabus 2024

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Formation Entry Form

Information Letter 2024

Juvenile Rules

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