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Alan Clarke BEM reports on the British Senior (035's) Latin Championship at the Blackpool Dance Festival 2023

Competitive Dancing at any age is not for the faint hearted it takes a vast amount of stamina , discipline and commitment along with hours of mental challenges and hurdles to cross.

As I sat and watched the Senior Over 35 Latin American Championship today, in the immaculate Empress Ballroom of the winter gardens Blackpool, I was completely overwhelmed at how these wonderful ladies and gentlemen brought their "A" game to this iconic floor.

Looking at each of the couples in every heat I was aware of the attention to detail from hair, makeup and outfits that had obviously been meticulously thought about and created. My congratulations to each and every one of you .

34 couples eagerly rose to the challenge that the day would bring and from round one to the final I was impressed by the energy and commitment every couple made . Competitors are aware from the start of their journey that the road they must travel to eventually reach the final 6 will be tinged with sadness or joy, but even with that the pleasure and enthusiasm they brought was so commendable .

Our finalists today fought an amazing battle and one they should be so proud off.

1st. Denise Heller and Michael Horstmann 22123 .

I Really enjoyed this couple from the first round, strong and well executed paso . Their musicality in each of the dances was on point very well done to you both

2nd Sergio Machon Jr and Lina Machon 11441

This couple presented so much joy in their dancing and with that were able to maintain one's attention and they were able to keep their energy right to the end . Very enjoyable performances throughout the evening

3rd Hu Ji and Meiyun Yang 53214

A very bright and alert couple throughout every round, rhythmically sound and well deserving of this final. When a couple have the ability to smile through the pain and deliver a strong performance it's a pleasure to watch.

4th Alan Valentine and Wendy Greenwood 45352

Very calm and unflustered couple in every dance. Their ability to be able to do what was required in every dance without force or effort was a pleasure to watch .

5th Pascal Recca and Jeppe Pruyssers 36535

Totally deserving of a place in this final, a tall elegant couple who showed great control in their dancing and I see great potential for them in the future.

6th Simone D'Onorio and Peta KosKova 64666

A very intense couple with great passion in their performance . Best dance for me Rumba, sensual and totally within the character of the dance. My compliments to you both.

My congratulations to everyone from the first round and my commiserations to those who didn't make it today but I know your courage and determination will one day soon bring you the result to truly desire .

Alan Clarke B.E.M.

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