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Emma Hawley reports on the Cimen Open International Championships in Shanghai.

I recently had the extraordinary privilege of attending the 4th Cimen Open International Dance Championships in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China. My sincere thanks go to Ms. Lin Bing and the Cimen Charitable Foundation for extending the invitation, allowing me to witness a magical dance experience against the stunning backdrop of the Primus Hotel complex.

From the very beginning, the competition was nothing short of remarkable. The atmosphere was electric, with a packed audience passionately cheering on their favourite dancers. The energy in the air was tangible, creating an unforgettable experience. The exquisite ceiling, gold walls, and expansive screens elevated the event, adding an extra layer of grandeur to the already spectacular presentation.

The competition featured an impressive array of competitions including solos, juniors and juveniles, as well as closed and open international events for both amateurs and professionals. The audience's enthusiasm reached its peak during the amateur and professional championships, and rightfully so. The technical skills displayed by the dancers, coupled with their extraordinary ability to connect with the crowd and each other, created a truly captivating experience. The partnership with the Blackpool Dance Festival added an extra layer of prestige, as finalists in selected categories earned the privilege of advancing directly to the second round or second qualifying round at the Blackpool Dance Festival in May 2024.

A highlight of the championship was the superstar showcase and the accompanying dinner, where stunning displays of Ballroom, Latin, and Show Dances held us spellbound for hours.

For those who couldn't attend, Dance TV Ltd's social media and website are excellent resources to catch interviews and highlights from this extraordinary event. The Cimen Open International Dance Championships in Shanghai was more than a competition; it was a celebration of the art of dance on a global stage. I am grateful to have been part of this wonderful experience and eagerly anticipate future editions of this spectacular event.

Once again I’d like to thank Ms. Lin Bing for her kind invitation and the warm hospitality extended by her and her team.

International Professional Latin

1st - Troels Bager and Ina Jeliazkova

2nd - Aniello Langella and Andra Vaidilaite

3rd - Massimo Arcolin and Laura Arcocinova

4th - Kirill Belorukov and Valeriia Aiaaeva

5th - Damir Haluzan and Anna Haluzan

6th - Darren Hammond and Marina Steshenh

International Professional Ballroom

1st - Stanislav Zelianin and Irina Cherapanova

2nd - Dusan Dragovic and Valeria Agikyan

3rd - Stas Portanenko and Nataliya Koliada

4th - Fedor lsaev and Anna Zudilina

5th - 李思诚 and Mariia Polishchuk

6th - Madis Abel and Liis End

International Amateur Latin

1st - Salvo Sinaedi and Alexandra Kondrashova

2nd - 唐艺铭,黄馨仪

3rd - Cosimo Barra and Diana Sharipova

4th- 龙泳坤,程佳妮

5th - 张爱马笛,贾昊悦

6th - Roman Gerbey and Oksana Lukianenk

International Amateur Ballroom

1st - Glenn Richard Boyce and Caroly Janes

2nd - 唐渝杰,赵艾妮

3rd - Marco Sirocchi, and Dora Kilin

4th - Oleksandr Bezkrovnyi and Mariia Savchuk

5th - 康凌昊,邢安冉

6th - Evgeny Sveridonov and Angelina Barkov

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