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The Dance Review

David Trueman reports on Friday 26th May and the British Senior Ballroom Championship at the Blackpool Dance Festival.

It is now two years since the Dance World was released from the Covid pandemic and tonight in the magnificent Winter Gardens Ballroom it was very clear to see it is all bouncing back. There were terrific entries in the three events this evening and the finals of each will be covered by individual reporters.

The evening ran superbly and we continue to hear the fabulous music of the Empress Orchestra under the skilled musical direction of Ashley Frohlick.

The first final to take place was the British Senior Ballroom Championship and what a cracker it was. The quality of dancing was of the highest level seen for some time. The eventual winners with third in Waltz and first in the Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep were Alberto D’Elia and Giorgia Gubitoso a great performance standing out from the very first round.

2nd Cesare Scaramozzino and Silvia Bienati great power in style and shape. They were placed Second in Waltz, Third in Foxtrot, Second in Tango and Second Quickstep. They must have been delighted with this position and so well deserved. They are getting very close to that ultimate top spot.

3rd Slawek Lukawcyk and Janine-Nicole Desai their final analysis was Fourth in Waltz, Second in Foxtrot, Fourth in Tango and Third in Quickstep. They looked very strong right from the first bar of music in each dance and their togetherness was simply wonderful to watch.

4th Robert Rothmiller and Yvonne Rothmiller they finished first in the Waltz then Fourth in Foxtrot and Quickstep and fifth in the Tango. What an amazing start they had to the final with that terrific first place, this will surely give them great heart to know that things are on the right track.

5th Phil Holding and Melina Harrison they were fifth in three dances and Third in the Tango this was an excellent performance with a great look of power and swing. They too as with those ahead this evening were dancing with such style and flare.

6th Frank Ewen and Liubov Ewen who finished sixth in all four dances. They looked very good in every round and their inclusion in this great final was never really in doubt.

This has been a wonderful curtain raiser to the main Blackpool Dance Festival

Tonight we have the world-famous Professional Invitation Team Match together with the very exiting Under 21 Latin and Over 50 Ballroom another great menu of dancing.

If you are unable to be here in person why not sign up to the live stream and come along on a breathtaking journey of wonderful dancing.

Keep an eye out for many more on the spot reports as the Festival progresses.

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