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Judging at the Blackpool Dance Festival

Nancy Berti shares her thoughts and feelings on being invited to adjudicate the World's First and Foremost Festival of Dance

I still do remember myself walking in to the Empress Ballroom for the first time as a young dancer.

My heartbeat started getting faster and my eyes began to glisten...

I knew it already..that magical floor would have become the motivation for all the following years of hard work.

From a dancer prospective everything looks magnified... the dance floor, the venue, the band, the judges, the amount of competitors... but there was this one thing... this small door right on the side of the orchestra.. the door of the mysteries... the door where the judges would disappear in... it looked like a fairytale's door.

And I can't say that I did not dream so many times of crossing that threshold..

To me... to go through that door, it was like the sign that you belong to a very selected few.

So now, as slightly more experienced person in this dance world, I had the same glistening eyes having the chance to read the invitation to judge at the Blackpool Dance Festival... I really cannot describe in words my feelings...

I was just overwhelmed, totally speechless.

The honour I felt standing there, right in front of the Empress Orchestra was a life time experience and the honour of contributing to the legacy of the Festival with respect, integrity and love towards this art form.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Miss Natalie Hayes and Mr. Michael Williams for this amazing opportunity... this is something I will never ever forget.

Grazie ❤️

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